Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started


Member Registration Form

Whether you are registering as a youth member, adult helper or volunteer leader - Scouts will bring fun, adventure, new skills and a world of opportunity to youth and adults alike!

The cost of participating in Scouts comprises of:

  • An annual State Membership fee that includes essential insurance for members, Leader training, a wide range of resources, and essential support services including finance, IT, property and facilities, child safety team, marketing and communication;
  • A Registration Fee This is a once off charge only and is applied to the annual State Membership Fee;
  • a local Group New Member Fee which covers the cost of the Group Scarf, Badges and Section Record Book;
  • local Group fee covers the week-to-week expenses of running Scouts – resources, leader training, maintenance and utilities of the Scout Hall, and regular meeting activities;
  • One-off costs – there are endless opportunities for additional participation in Scouts and there may be associated fees like camping charges, travel, event fees etc

More detailed information about our State membership fees can be found here (Check the FAQ Section)

The annual 2024 Scouts NSW membership fee is $280. If you join mid-year, your fees are adjusted to a pro-rata rate.

The State fee is payable in two periods, called 'Treks'. Trek 1 ($140) covers the period January-June and Trek 2 ($140) covers the period July-December.
There is a one-off registration fee of $60 on the State Membership Fee.

The Local Group fee is on top of the annual State Membership fee and is for our own running costs. 
An additional $110 is charged by the local Group in the first Trek, then $110 for each following Trek
This goes directly to the Group to support our local costs and is payable at time of registration.

Need to break the fees up? Contact your Group Leader to talk about payment plan options.
Our State office is able to break up the total fee into smaller portions.
email with your name and membership number.

We are pleased to be able to offer a complimentary 4 week trial period for all Youth members who are trying out Scouting for the first time. Note that this starts counting at time of registation, so make sure you have made contact with your Group before taking this step.


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